Seal Materials

Specialty Fluid Components

Seal Materials

Specialty Fluid Components has a wide range of standard polymeric seal materials and metallic spring materials available, typically for the needs of severe service duty applications.

Seals manufactured by Specialty Fluid Components are custom engineered and manufactured using the standard polymeric materials in the following chart. Custom materials can be engineered by using fillers to improve a material’s desired characteristics.


Whether your application is standard or demanding, call the engineering department at Specialty Fluid Components to discuss its requirements so we can guide you in selecting the proper seal material and spring material. We can also create a custom polymeric compound that will enhance the performance of your equipment.




PPS Reinforced PTFE 

• For high speed applications
• Excellent for dynamic, severe service

-450°F to 450°F

Natural UHMWPE

• For water and hydraulic applications
• High pressure resistant
• FDA approved
• Abrasion resistant

-200°F to 450°F

Modified UHMWPE

• Enhanced version of #E02
• Excellent for high temp applications
• FDA approved

-200°F to 600°F


• Extremely high wear and abrasion resistance
• For viscous applications
• Used frequently with hot glue media

-200°F to 550°F

Polyimide Reinforced PTFE

• For high speed, high pressure hydraulic applications
• Excellent wear resistance
• Can “run dry”
• Heat resistant
• Extremely high temp resistant

-200°F to 550°F

Ekonol® Reinforced PTFE

• For high vacuum, high temp applications
• Excellent mechanical properties at high temps
• Excellent for running against soft mating surfaces

-350°F to 600°F

Graphite Reinforced

• Excellent for water and non-lubricating fluid situations
• For low to medium speeds

-450°F to 600°F

Bronze Reinforced PTFE

• For low to medium speed applications
• Excellent electrical conductivity
• Excellent wear resistance
• Good for hydraulic fluid applications

-50°F to 400°F

Mineral Reinforced PTFE

• For moderate speed applications
• FDA approved

-400°F to 600°F

Glass Moly Reinforced PTFE

• For high speed applications
• Excellent for high temperatures
• Excellent wear resistance
• Good for cryogenic situations

-450°F to 600°F

Unfilled PTFE

• Static applications
• Low permeability rate
• Low temperature
• FDA approved

-450°F to 500°F

Modified PTFE

• Modified version of #E12
• High frictional properties and permeability
• FDA approved
• Excellent for cryogenic service

-450°F to 550°F

Bronze/Moly Reinforced PTFE

• Lubricated version of #E09
• Good in hydraulic fluid applications
• Reduced frictional properties

-200°F to 600°F

Temperature ranges depend on hardware conditions and design conditions.