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Specialty Fluid Components has a wide range of standard polymeric seal materials and metallic spring materials available, typically for the needs of severe service duty applications.

Our Excelon™ spring energized seals are most often manufactured from fluoropolymer compounds, engineered to meet your specific application requirements. Custom compounds are molded into billet/tube shapes and then machined into finished seals. The fillers (reinforcers) are blended with PTFE or other engineered polymers to provide the utmost in seal life and performance.

Standard Excelon™ seal materials:

  • PTFE and PTFE Compounds
  • PEEK®
  • TPE
  • PPS
  • Melt processible fluoropolymers

Selection of spring materials is very important to achieve optimum seal life. The spring performs as an energizer to provide elasticity and positive sealing in order to withstand the shrinkage force at low pressures and temperatures, thereby creating a tight seal. There are five standard spring styles available.

Seals manufactured by Specialty Fluid Components are custom engineered and manufactured using the standard polymeric materials in the following chart. Custom materials can be engineered by using fillers to improve a material’s desired characteristics.

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