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Specialty Fluid Components offers total engineering support that ensures your components are manufactured in the most economical way and provide optimum performance.

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Specialty Fluid Components’ engineering staff have years of experience designing spring energized seals for some of the most demanding applications. This is essential to seal life, since material selection and compatibility are primary factors. When a seal is designed, our engineers choose metallic spring energizers and seal materials with the performance characteristics that are best for your application. If our standard materials won’t provide the performance you seek, we will custom engineer a compound specific to your application. Please contact the Engineering Department to discuss your application.

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We Work With A Broad Range of Industries

Our engineered Excelon™ Polymer Seals are utilized in all types of gas, fluid power and fluid control devices.

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Our team has accumulated over 45 years of combined experience for the most challenging applications.

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Our stringent quality standards makes our seals unparalleled in the industry.