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Specialty Fluid Components

serves a broad range of industries, especially in applications where zero leakage sealing is critical. Wherever gas or fluid need to be controlled, you will find Excelon™ spring energized PTFE seals providing peace of mind. Industries such as:





Applications where Excelon™ seals perform reliably

  • Aircraft hydraulic & pneumatic systems, fuel control systems
  • Autoclaves
  • Compressors
  • Cryogenic systems
  • Defense
  • Dispensing equipment
  • Extremely high temperature equipment
  • Filling machines
  • Food & pharmaceutical mixers (FDA Approved)
  • High and low temperature actuators
  • Hydrogen Filling Stations
  • Infrared system (night vision)
  • Injection molding cylinders
  • Metering valves & pumps
  • Missiles and space vehicles
  • Pumps
  • Radar system & rotary fluid joints
  • Refrigeration
  • Robotics
  • Semiconductor processing equipment
  • Storage Tanks
  • Swivel joints
  • Sterilizers
  • Tire manufacturing presses
  • Triplex pumps (cold ends for cryogenic liquids and gases)
  • UHPLC, liquid chromatography pumps
  • Valves
  • Viscometers
  • And Many More






Oil And Gas

Oil and Gas industries can have a vast range of applications where seals need to withstand high pressures, resistant to heat and chemicals and maintain durability and reliability. We make sure our seals perform extraordinarily well under any scenario. Our design and engineering team works closely with our customers to make sure our designs will be efficient and safe.

- Surface and Subsea Wellheads
- Fuel Dispensing Pumps
- Wind Turbines
- Offshore subsea Equipment
- Swivel Stacks
- Downhole Drilling Systems

Aerospace / Defense

We adhere to the strict specifications required by the Aerospace industry as we carry an AS9100 certification to help with mission critical fluid sealing systems. Our experience along with innovation keeps our products durable and very reliable. SFC can help design and manufacture a sealing solution to meet specific application requirements. We know what it takes to work with companies that are under immense specifications and guidelines.

- Gear Drive Systems
- Braking systems
- Hydraulic Actuators
- Radar Systems
- Flight Control Systems
- Fuel Systems


Our materials help achieve high performance in semiconductor appllications. Our Seals perform dependably when it comes to high heat, agressive plasma and harsh chemicals. Our seals can be designed to have dimensional stability and chemical compatibility with high temperature requirements. Semiconductor equipment is only as reliable as the sealing elements that prevent equipment malfunction and injury to the operators.

- Wafer Chip
- Etching Machines
- Lithography
- Robotic Processing
- Vacuum Pumps
- Dosing Equipment

Energy Sector

We specialize in seals for applications in the LNG and PNG industry along with other energy related fields. Our designed seals work well in energy applications such as harsh chemical compatibility and cryogenic temperature extremes.

- LNG Loading Arms
- Pump Systems
- Compressors
- Cryogenic Valves
- Blowout Preventers
- Booster Pumps

Medical Instrumentation

It is important that our seals perform well and safe when it comes to medical instruments used to research and analyze disease, manufacture remedies, and to help protect and save lives. We design and manufacture components that will help with higher performance of your medical equipment and instrumentation along with preventing leakage, eliminating contaminants and reducing wear.

- Chemical Analysis
- Pharmaceutical Mixers
- Robotic Surgery Instruments
- DNA Analysis
- Respiratory Equipment


The Automotive industry presents a broad range for usage of our seals. We understand that leakage, contamination prevention, pressure, heat and adhesion are essential to the industry. As automotive manufacturers are being tasked with keeping up with technology and their customers, we make sure that our seal solutions meet their challenging application needs. Our seals are a superior option for optimal lifespan of your equipment.

- Piston Pumps
- Interior Cabins
- HVAC Systems
- Fuel Tank Systems
- Heat Transfer Thermostat Units

Food Processing

When it comes to Food Processing equipment and applications, SFC understands the importance of sanitary and safe conditions of the environment it is used in. Our seals are compliant within regulatory requirements and we use FDA food grade materials for any situation requiring it and can take on any challenges you may have in finding the perfect component. We help maximize production by eliminating contamination, preventing leaks, keeping pressure and helping to keep your equipment sanitary and working for many years to come.

- Steam Pressure Washers
- Storage Tanks
- Food Processing Equipment
- Mix Proof Valves
- Safety Valves


Chemical Processing

SFC offers sealing solutions that can reduce and eliminate emissions from valve applications, work well in high and low temperatures, and chemical resistant to aggressive media. We offer a range of materials that help extend the operational range of your equipment that equates to less maintenance, lower cost of ownership, and safety in the plant.

- Pump Systems
- Valves
- Pipe Couplers
- Chemical Reactor Units
- Storage Tanks

Industrial Processing

Our seals have provided reliability and durability due the vast knowledge of material science and working with many customers over the years with extremely challenging applications. This is no different in the Industrial Processing field. Any equipment with fluid power or contains fluids requires a well made seal to improve production, maintain safety, and increase the life of your equipment.

- Injection Molding Equipment
- Measuring and Control Units
- Food Processing Equipment
- Compressors and Pumps
- Safety Valves

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