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World Class Engineering

Specialty Fluid Components is a leading manufacturer of high performance, polymeric spring energized seals and components, serving a broad range of industries.

Manufacturing & Quality is what we do.

Expert engineering is our specialty.

Specialty Fluid Components is a world leader in the manufacturing of High Performance, spring energized seals and other polymeric components.

Engineers at SFC are committed to providing you a durable, well designed solution for your needs. We are also committed to the most stringent quality standards that allow us to make world class seals and components.

Our Expertise

Straight and to the point. Our experts will help you with your application needs.

Customer Satisfaction

We are proud to say our customers love us and you will too.


Our attention to detail says it all. We demand quality here at SFC.


We inspect and manufacture to the standards of AS9100 and ISO 9001 requirements.

Our Seals Are Found In A Broad Range of Industries

Oil And Gas

Our seals perform extraordinarily well and safe in the oil and gas industry.

Aerospace / Defense

We carry an AS9100 certification and work with many major Aerospace companies.


Our materials help achieve high performance in semiconductor appllications.


Major automotive companies trust our seals as we have built trust with them.

Medical Instrumentation

It is important that our seals perform well and safe when it comes to medical instruments.

Energy Sector

We specialize in seals for applications in the LNG and PNG fields.

Food Processing

It is important that our seals perform well and safe when it comes to medical instruments.

Chemical Processing

SFC offers sealing solutions that can eliminate emissions from valve applications, work well in high/low temperatures, and chemically resistant to aggressive media.

Industrial Processing

Any equipment that contains fluids requires a well made seal to improve production, safety, and increase the life of your equipment.

Excelon™ Seals

Our engineered Excelon™ polymer seals are utilized in all types of gas, fluid power and fluid control devices. In fact our seals are applied to almost all devices where elastomeric O-rings, U-packings and gaskets were used previously. 

Etched Spring Energized Seals

Solid Contact Seals

Rotary Lip Seals

Unidirectional Spring Energized Seals

Helical Wound Spring Energized Seals

Cantilever Spring Energized Seals

Double Wrapped Spring Energized Seals

Companies trust SFC for their application needs.
Dedicated to the satisfaction of our customer's needs.
Years of combined industry experience

All of Our Customers Trust

Their Success To Us

Contact Specialty Fluid Components today to experience a different kind of partnership with a world class manufacturer of spring energized seals. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction. That means the right solution, for the right price, when you need it.